File Converters

Prolaso develops software (file converters) to convert file formats, whereby each file format can be converted into any other format. We distinguish three groups of file formats, with Prolaso specialising in converting between them:

Converting to laser file formats

The first converter that Prolaso historically created is the “raster to vector” file converter, given the strong corporate demand for laser mark drawings. As laser marking uses vector file-based objects, it is difficult to mark bitmaps as well as general file formats (JPEG, PNG, PDF).

Why such high demand for laser marking? To identify a product by a certain logo, product code, or product information. Until recently, no software was capable to convert files for a 100%. Prolaso was the first globally to achieve full conversion after years of development.

Some examples of laser converters

● Rofin to Trumpf vlf, dxf or dwg format
● PDF to Trumpf vlf, dxf or dwg format
● SVG to Trumpf vlf, dxf or dwg format
● BMP, PNG and JPG to Trumpf vlf format
● Winlase to Trumpf vlf format
● Etc.

VLF automatic Converted File

Converting to label file formats

In recent years, the need for standardisation for both hardware and software has increased among companies, while the number of label suppliers has been growing rapidly. That is why Prolaso developed a label software solution that enables customers to operate independently from label software suppliers. The Prolaso software can convert labels to any file format.

Some examples of label converters

● Codesoft to NiceLabel lbl format
● EasyLabel to NiceLabel lbl format
● Codesoft to Trumpf vlf format
● NiceLabel to Trumpf vlf format
● Etc.


What are the advantages of file converters?

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