Full software integration between machines, IT and business

Prolaso handles any software integration between the assembly line and all related systems. The software can be integrated during the installation of the production machines or after the machines (of the assembly line) have been installed. Total integration is of great importance to quickly identify issues and to automate the overall process.

Prolaso has a unique knowledge of machines, ERPs, robotics, cameras as well as software. Thanks to our comprehensive range of services and products, we can fulfil the wishes of any customer, made to measure.

Full software integration
File converters

File converters

Prolaso has unique file converters: convert any laser or label marking file format into any other format you want and standardize your label and laser marking library.


Label & laser marking interface

Prolaso has developed an intuitive marking interface allowing you to command easily the lasers and printers using variables (numbers, logos, etc.).


Camera integration in the marking process

In a fully-continuous production process, each product needs to be precisely positioned before lasering or printing.

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