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File converters

Prolaso has unique file converters: convert any laser or label marking file format into any other format you want and standardize your label and laser marking library.


Label & laser marking interface

Prolaso has developed an intuitive marking interface allowing you to command easily the lasers and printers using variables (numbers, logos, etc.).


Camera integration in the marking process

In a fully-continuous production process, each product needs to be precisely positioned before lasering or printing.

Full Software

Full software integration

Prolaso handles the software integration between the assembly line and all related systems such as ERP, PLCs, etc.

Computer control center for laser metal cutting machine

Promaso: production monitoring software

Monitor the production efficiency by reading directly the PLCs, drivers, laser, etc. and detect all root causes of production losses.

Robotic vision sensor camera system in intellegence factory

Packaging laser marking

Laser your cardboard packaging to save costs and reduce environmental impact.

Additional Services

Service Contracts

You want to be helped immediately in case of urgent software problems, for instance when the production line is down?

We offer an after-sales maintenance and support program. Contact our reliable and flexible teams, and we will fix it as quickly as possible.

Tailor-made software

Our development team boasts decades of hands-on experience and will take on any challenge.

In need of a specific solution and other IT suppliers claim it cannot be done? Our IT engineers will be more than happy to talk to you to develop a customised solution.

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