Promaso: production monitoring software

PROMASO (Production Management Software) is a production monitoring software developed to show one consolidated view of your production.

“Your production in one view”

On an assembly line, dozens of products are made every minute – a lightning-fast process. But sometimes this assembly line comes to a halt due to a problem, a shift change, or maintenance works. How can you accurately monitor the efficiency of these assembly lines? Our Promaso software offers the solution. Promaso allows you to easily monitor the production efficiency and to adjust where necessary. What is unique about Promaso is that this software is integrated into each machine across the assembly line and communicates with all underlying production systems. This way, when a problem occurs, you can instantly see which machine is responsible and thus detect the root cause. For this, Promaso is using SQL Server and the IPC communication standard CamX (IPC-2501).

Prolaso provides a complete kpi dashboard with all the statistics of the assembly line.

Screenshot 2019-09-29 19.18.33

Choose many reports like

● OEE chart
● Pareto chart for errors, warnings…
● Pie chart for machine status
● Recipe charts
● Item charts
● Actual Runtime State and overview

Curious to see how it works?
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Our software developers link and integrate your production with the Prolaso software.

Plc Integration using opc and opc/ua connection

● Siemens S7
● B&R automation
● Rockwell
● …

Line server integration

● ERP connection
● Through the line Unique ID
● GS1 code integration
● Workorders
● BOM: Bill of Material


● Siemens S7
● B&R automation
● Based on standard CAMX integration
● Pareto analyses
● Machine comparison
● SQL server based database
● Custom machine integration in our monitoring system
● Industry 4 ready

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